Builddie™ is designed for one thing:Putting control of home energy usage in your own hands.
How it works
Builddie is the future of home energy management. You know Your home is a place of security and warmth, and with Builddie, your home is now intelligent.It requires only that you have a Smart Thermostat to provide you the following:
Energy controlCharts and graphs depict real-time energy usage and cost. Prevent big bills before they can happen.
Efficient energy useArtificial Intelligence balances your comfort, energy usage, and budget—in the background—while learning your preferences.
Cost controlHigh-demand pricing runs up your energy bill. Builddie notifies you when your usage is subject to such pricing. Change your habits and lower your bills.
Home automationBuilddie automatically saves you money whether you are in or out of the residence. Prioritize comfort when you are home, savings when you are out.
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When you add Smart Plugs, Smart Switches/Smart Lights and Smart Water Monitoring System, you can also use Builddie™ to get these benefits:
  • Smart Plugs
    Know energy usage of plugged devices.Manage costs real time.Builddie learns and works for you.
  • Smart Water Monitoring System
    Wasting water affects your utility bill and the environment. Gain control over leaky faucets, errant sprinklers, and running toilets to help stem the nationwide waste of 1 trillion gallons a year. Identify and track water usage, trends, and leaks in real-time.
  • Smart Switches/Smart Lights
    Leverage natural light to cut energy costs.Automatically lower usage in vacant rooms. Save the planet while saving money.
"Builddie™ Requires a Paradigm Shift"Which is a Fundamental Change in Approach or Underlying AssumptionsWe’re at the beginning of a paradigm shift about the ways humans “do energy”. Before we can fully realize this shift, we need to look at our starting point assumptions. Here’s what most of us believe to be true about home energy usage.
Dispel Myths
  • Myth #1
    You can't control energy consumption in real time.

    There is no way for you to see your energy usage as it happens.

    When you can’t even know if it’s correct or not, you certainly cannot control your consumption in real time.

  • Myth #2
    The utility bill is your only source of energy information usage.

    Utility companies charge you after you’ve consumed the energy. They provide no proof that the usage is accurate.

    You have no way to verify if your billed usage is correct, and you cannot check their numbers. You have no recourse but to simply trust that your bill is accurate.

  • Myth #3
    You don't know how much energy your devices consume.

    There is no way for you to know the energy your devices consume while it is happening. You do not have the capability of seeing energy usage real time.

    You aren’t able to make intelligent energy decisions when you can’t see what’s happening.

  • Myth #4
    You are not able to be comfortable in your home—and save on energy usage.

    You have no way to optimize your energy usage while being comfortable. If you want to save on costs, you can’t be comfortable.

    If you want to be comfortable, energy costs shoot through the roof! You know that energy is being wasted, but have no tool to control the waste.

  • Myth #5
    There’s nothing you can do to stop climate change.

    Many people feel helpless in the face of changing climate and its threats. It’s such a huge problem looming over humanity—monumental really.

    You want to do everything you possibly can to make a difference. You just need the tool that will empower you.

  • Myth #6
    Smart Home technology is too expensive for anybody but the rich.

    When you add up all the costs of a Smart Home, it costs thousands. That’s not within the reach of a renter or minimum wage worker.

    You want to save money and save the planet, but don’t see any way you can afford to do your share. It’s frustrating.

In one fell swoop, Builddie™ empowers you to eliminate every single one of those Old Paradigms.It truly puts shifting the paradigm in the hands of every residential energy consumer.
Nana Wilberforce, Ph. D, founder and CEO of Builddie, smart enegry company
These beliefs are a thing of the past and you can control energy costs now. You don’t have to wait for some magical future date when you can take control of energy usage. Instead, Builddie™ can empower you in the following ways.
Nana Wilberforce, PhD, founder & CEO
  • A man holding electrons on his palm with a complicated analytical dashboard working on his phone in the back
    With Builddie™, you can control energy usage real time
    Builddie™ gives you energy usage information real time. You can see how various activities impact your costs as you do them. This means you can make informed decisions.
    You’re no longer guessing at what saves energy usage and costs. Now you know which decisions are actually saving you money—and can behave proactively.
  • A woman sitting on a yoga mat meditating while her home in the back produces zero environment damage
    With Builddie™, you—not the utility company—know the amount of energy you use while you’re using It
    Now when you receive a bill from your utility company, you can check the accuracy. You know what usages have combined to produce the total on the bill. You don’t have to rely on the utility company for their general “explanation” of your costs.
    You know while you are consuming energy how it will impact your next month’s bill.
  • An interface in the center of a complex system of devices and appliances all bound together in a network
    With Builddie™, it’s now possible for you to know what energy each of your devices consumes
    You know exactly the amount of energy consumed by each of your plugged-in devices. You now know more than the utility company does. No more frustrating conversations with the utility company “guessing” why your bill is so high.
    You don’t have to figure it out on your own Builddie does that for you. Now that you have consumption information readily available, you can use your judgment to control costs.
  • An electrical bill with a complete breakdown of energy consumed by all the devices within the house
    With Builddie™, you can be comfortable in your home while managing your use of energy
    No more drastically changing energy usage with various household members changing the dial. Everyone in the home can see energy costs in real time. In the background, Builddie™ works for you keeping everyone comfortable in your home.
    Builddie™ keeps your HVAC system and lighting operating at maximum efficiency. Builddie—with your guidance—strategically manages energy usage and controls costs.
  • A woman's palm holding a house lifting it from the cloud of smog
    Builddie™ is something you can do in your residence now to prevent further climate change
    You can do your part to prevent climate change by having Builddie™ manage your residential energy use. You worry less about climate change and know you’re doing all you can to slow or prevent it.
    You have a lot more peace of mind knowing that Builddie’s Artificial Intelligence is doing the work for you. It’s exciting to be empowered in making fully informed energy decisions.
  • Two people high-fiving in front of a smart home
    Builddie™ puts smart technology to save energy in the hands of everyone no matter your income
    You have the ultimate “smart house” for a fraction of the cost of those technologies. At minimum, you need a Smart Thermostat and Builddie™.
    You probably feel like a genius for adding this inexpensive capacity to your house. Even better, your monthly energy savings can immediately exceed your Builddie™ costs.
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AI tool to bring social justice and save the planetRenewable energy is the key to better life for billions of people. Builddie is here to redefine the way we use energy in our homes. We use the power of artificial intelligence to make electricity affordable and eliminate the waste.
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