We are BuilddieAI-driven home energy control technology company

We built Builddie™ because we believe that technology can bring social justice to the people and save the planet. We believe in affordable smart homes.

We believe in green energy. And we are not afraid to put the machines to work for that.

On a mission
  • To bring change

    We have brought innovation to the energy market. We want to save you money on your electricity bills. With our revolutionary software, you can contribute to climate prevention without having to sacrifice modern comforts.

  • About us

    We’re your partner for making your home as efficient as possible. Along the way, you’ll trim down your energy usage, enjoy lower monthly bills, and feel as comfortable in your home all while saving the environment!

  • And save money

    We rely on Big Data analytics and AI algorithms to make use of every kilowatt of energy coming into your home. We make sure all your appliances consume only the necessary amount of power and have you in control.

  • The Builddie™ team

    Social justice, improving the world, and using our talents and skills for good—that’s the Builddie™ Way.” – Nana Wilberforce, PhD, Founder & CEO

    You could say we’re “old fashioned” or you could say we’re the beginning of the New Wave. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that this is our company culture. We want every employee addition to strengthen that culture and the company.

  • The Builddie company technical leads and business executivesCEO & CoFounder with the hardware engineers

Builddie is not an app. It’s a stance. A mindset.We are environment-conscious tech nerds
  • Reducing electricity bills by 50%
  • Supporting 7 smart home technologies
  • Becoming the 1st company to use AI for the environment

Working at Builddie is tough because we don’t do this as a nine-to-five job. Our developers are our main proponents, otherwise, they would not be doing this.

We are changing the world and through science and data.
But we rely on talent and passion.

Always looking for talentBuilddie walks a fine line between a tech startup and a non-profit grassroots organization. Corporations and utility companies mute employees. We let them shine and put their values into practice.Current job openings:
  • Phd. in artificial intelligence

    We’re looking for Ph.D.s to work on the design and continuous improvement of high quality and precision artificial intelligence systems that are integrated with our platform.

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  • Product manager

    We’re looking for a Product Manager who has experience defining, developing, and following up on software and hardware products, with the ability to manage multiple projects at a time and lead a team.

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  • Senior iOS Developer

    We are looking for iOS programmers with demonstrable experience in developing applications for iPhone and iPad.

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  • Senior Java Developer

    We are looking for Java programmers with demonstrable experience in systems development, frontend and backend and / or mobile applications.

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In our candidates, we appreciate friendliness, flexibility, ambition, and responsibility. On top of that, if you are dreamy, aspirational, and energetic, you will likely be the Builddie kind of person.
If you join, you will become a part of:
  • International team with locations across the world

  • Diverse, fun, and safe environ- ment within the company

  • AI-driven and data-heavy work principles

  • Working in between the hardware and software

  • Strong leadership and a humane mission

  • Open for ideas and providing test field for them

  • Not about the wealth but about the greater good

  • Smart home development projects

If this resonates with you, email us at careers@builddie.com and lets talk.